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Water Kefir is usually made using various sweet liquids like sugar water or coconut water. To prepare this probiotic-rich and non-diary beverage we also need a starter culture.

Being placed into water with organic sugar they start consuming it and producing a great number of substances, useful for human body. Water kefir can become a healthy alternative to dairy products with lactose, which is intolerable for many people.

How to make Water Kefir?

Things we need:

  1. Water kefir grains: 1 tablespoon.
  2. A clean glass jar: big enough for 1 liter of water.
  3. Water – 1/2 liter.
  4. Sugar: 4 tablespoons


  1. Take a glass jar and put 4 tablespoons of sugar into it.
  2. Pour a litre of the chosen water and mix thoroughly.
  3. Then add 1 tablespoon of water kefir grains.
  4. Cover the jar using a cloth with a rubber band and leave in for 24 hours.
  5. After that time, drain the water through a plastic strainer and separate the grains.
  6. Water kefir drink is ready, you can add some flavor like lemon to taste it better.
  7. Re-fill the jar with new water, sugar or coconut water with water kefir grains to make the next batch.
  8. The best fermentation time is 24-48 hours. In the end of this period water kefir acquires a taste of champagne.

How do we send kefir grains?

  • Kefir grains will be packed carefully with a sturdy and food-safe plastic container with enough milk for kefir grains to be healthy until it reaches you.
  • We will pack only just right in time at the date of dispatch and we will send you detailed how to make kefir instructions manual through WhatsApp.
  • Expiration date of the sealed grains will be active and healthy for 12 days from the date of shipment. We assure you 100% about the health of the Kefir grains in transit.

7 reviews for Water Kefir Grains

  1. Dr Bhawna singh (verified owner)

    Excellent product, prompt delivery. Thanks for keeping us update regarding delivery. Would definitely recommend to others.

  2. Shailaja Sharma (verified owner)

    Nature’s Probiotics has the best quality water kefir grains I have come across online. I’ve previously purchased grains from another website, which did not work and grow and they never bothered to reply to messages or emails. Nature’s Probiotics is genuine and they send you grains in enough quantity to get started with brewing. The live grains I purchased from Nature’s Probiotics make for a delicious fizzy brew. Vignesh is very responsive to messages and prompt in shipping orders. Definitely recommend buying from a genuine seller like them. Please do give them a try.

  3. Diana Pinto (verified owner)

    Water Kefir grains were excellent.
    I’m fully satisfied with the service from Vignesh. Also, I am very happy with the orders placed before this.
    Dr Pinto

  4. Vijayalakshmi (verified owner)

    Orderded Water kefir and Coconut kefir, I was not aware of probiotics until my son had food intolerance. Kefir is one of the great probiotics which will heal the gut and replenish good bacteria. I ordered grains twice from Nature probiotics which are ofcourse of good quality. Since I’m new to kefir, they patiently answered all my queries whenever I called them. Thanks and Kudos to their dedication.

  5. Dhananjana Joshi

    The Grains and Spoon were AMAZING!
    I even have 1 Batch made out from them..
    It turned out GREAT!
    Your Service and Customer Interaction are amazing as well.

  6. Rohith Shah (verified owner)

    I was suffering from indigestive and gastric trouble, one of my friend suggested to take water kefir. I have purchased water kefir grains from naturesprobiotics.in. Every day I am drinking 200 ml water kefir from last 2 months, My troubles are completely gone, I am feeling better now. Thanks for the healthy product.

  7. Juhi Gupta (verified owner)

    I ordered water kefir grains and they are amazing…its an amazing drink with a great taste and so many health benefits..loved it..highly recommend it!

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