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What is Kefir?

Kefir, a probiotic-rich drink which is made by overnight fermentation of milk with kefir grains at an ambient temperature. Kefir is fermented and cultured beverage with taste matching to that of a yogurt drink.

The tart and refreshing flavor of Kefir is found to be identical to a drinking-style yogurt. This particular beverage assortment is made from ‘Kefir grains’ and possess a creamy texture.

The appealing aspect is that it is packed with valuable vitamins and minerals. It also consists of easily digestible complete proteins. If you wish to improve your digestive system, you should consume it regularly.

Milk Kefir:

Milk Kefir grains are basically a mother culture, composed of polysaccharides, the major part of which contains kefiran. Inside its matrix of polysaccharides, yeasts and bacteria are symbiotically combined with one another and it also contains the milk it refines and feeds from.

The composition of bacteria and yeast of these grains may vary as per their origin and their culturing environment. Milk Kefir is not just easy to make, but it is actually a tasty and versatile beverage, full of probiotics. These grains come in a gum type of structure and their appearance is a kind of tiny floret shape, identical to cauliflower.

Water Kefir:

Water kefir grains is a carbonated lacto-fermented beverage, prepared from fruit juice, sugar water, or coconut water. The beverage is a kind of non-dairy alternative to milk kefir and you can easily prepare it. It can be flavored to prepare a wide range of delectable beverages; alternatively, you can use it as an ingredient in several recipes.

These types of grains do not comprise of actual “grains” like rye, wheat, etc. However, it includes living bacteria and yeast, present in a symbiotic relationship. These bacteria and yeast are derived from different sources to enhance your immunity and health too.

Coconut Kefir:

Coconut kefir is essentially coconut water fermented with kefir grains. The beverage is capable to provide energy for the beneficial bacteria within your gut, similar to what dairy kefir does. You can get rid of unhealthy bacteria and infection by drinking it regularly. In addition to that, it can stimulate digestion and improve your immune system as well.

Kefir Benefits

Helps Lactose Intolerance:

Kefir is especially beneficial for people who are lactose intolerant. The lactose content is consumed by the microorganisms during the process of fermentation.

Many find it discomforting to digest dairy products because of their digestive system’s inability to digest lactose.

Kefir helps to break Lactose into digestible Lactic acid solution, making it easier for the stomach to undergo the digestion process.

Gut Health and Digestion:

Kefir is a kind of fermented dairy product that comprises lactic acid bacteria to maintain the gut health. It contains properties that would not just control your irregular bowel movements but they would even enhance your energy levels. Nutritionists usually recommend consuming kefir to cure diarrhea.

Boosts immunity:

Kefir consists of several nutrients which boost the immunity level in the body and defend your cells.

With an abundance of probiotic agents such as Lactobacillus in addition to an insoluble polysaccharide known as kefiran, Kefir helps to fight enemy bacteria like salmonella.

Battle with bad bacteria apart, it helps to control blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

Protects against infection:

Antibiotics are capable to discard infection-causing bacteria, but they can even discard the beneficial bacteria. This will result in an imbalance of bad and good bacteria present in the gut.

Moreover, it also results in the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and yeasts. During such cases, Kefir helps. This is because nutrients present in it can effectively fight bacteria and protects you from the viral infections when taken daily.

Helps to treat the symptom of allergy and asthma:

In any person, allergic reactions are usually caused due to inflammatory responses against nontoxic environmental substances. Those people who possess an over-sensitive immune system are found to be prone to allergies, and this can trigger the symptoms of asthma. Kefir is capable to repress inflammatory responses linked to asthma and allergy.

Powerfully fights against cancer:

Kefir has the potential to play a key role in fighting against this disease. It can function as a weapon, effectively working against the spread of the dangerous and multiplying cancerous cells.

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