Kefir Health Benefits

Source of Nutrients

The nutrition content of the Kefir varies with the region it’s from and the type of cow that the dairy comes from. But approximately, 175ml of milk kefir contains the following nutrition content:

Calories: 104
Protein: 6 grams
Calcium: 20% of recommended daily value
Phosphorous: 20% of RDA
Riboflavin: 19% of RDA
Vitamin B12: 14% of RDA
Magnesium: 5% of RDA
Carbohydrates: 7 grams
Fats: 6 grams
Gut Health and Digestive Problems

Improving digestion and gut health is one of the most popular benefits of Kefir. The modern way of living that most of us has adopted, simply means eating unhealthy food and large portions of it.

The toxins in the additives work against our body’s digestion and leave us feeling bloated and sluggish. Probiotics aid gut health and prevent digestive problems.

Kefir is one of the best sources of probiotics and contains more than 3 times the amount yogurt contains.

Almost 34 types of yeasts and probiotic bacteria are found in kefir which prevents bloating, indigestion and keeps your system as clean as a whistle.


Immunity and Energy

 The fact that 75% of a person’s immune system actually a life in their gut, is probably unknown to many. This is exactly where Kefir benefits the most!

The good bacteria that lives in your gut fights bad bacteria. But various reasons can cause damage to these good bacteria, creating an imbalance in the body which in turn weakens our immunity.

Consuming Kefir resets the imbalance and helps boost your immunity and prevent various illnesses.
Kefir can knockout any energy/ caffeinated drink in the market because unlike them, this probiotic drink won’t leave you feeling lethargic after the initial rush is over.

Because this drink is all natural and rich in valuable minerals and vitamins, it cleanses your body and promotes vitality and health which automatically makes you more energetic.


This amazing probiotic beverage also helps in cellular absorption of blood sugar. For those who are suffering from diabetes, Kefir is an excellent drink for them as it contains low-moderate glycemic index which helps a patient control their blood sugar.

Also the lactic acid present in Kefir lowers the pH level of blood which in turn helps glucose enter from blood into the cells.

Kefir’s benefits for diabetes patients can easily knock out vinegar, lemon or other acidic food that diabetes patients are suggested to take. It is also a perfect healthy substitute for sugar beverages as it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels like they do and hence can be safely consumed by diabetics.

Moreover, probiotics in kefir have a significant effect on blood glucose reduction of glucose, regulation of insulin levels and reducing insulin resistance in diabetics.

Therefore, from the research, kefir probiotics may be employed as a dietary supplement in reducing glucose metabolic factors associated with diabetes.

Drinking kefir can be useful in diabetes management. It can be seen as a form of therapy, from the above physiological benefits, to reverse the condition.

Detoxify Your Body

Kefir is particularly effective against aflatoxins; common toxins that we are exposed to in food. The lactic acid bacterium in Kefir enables it to bind aflatoxins, which is the same thing as killing them.

Regular consumption of Kefir will help detoxify your body from aflatoxins and other fungal contaminants.

Also because Kefir promotes healthy bowel movement, it cleanses the colon. When the liver isn’t overtaxed with toxins, it performs better and can detox the body better. The nutrients present in kefir are vital for the liver’s detox system.

A study done on Kefir and its effects have shown that the bacteria present in kefir can detoxify poisons that cause cancer.

Lose Weight

Increased consumption of Kefir is seen to reduce body mass, waist circumference and body fat. The high protein content in it makes you feel full for a longer period which makes you eat less and makes you burn more energy.

Kefir is also known all over the internet as a ‘flat belly food’ due to it’s ability to enhance digestion and hence prevent bloating- giving the belly a flatter look.

Of course just drinking Kefir and expecting to lose pounds without exercising is unrealistic. Combine this delicious probiotic drink with a healthy diet and at least 25 mins of exercise per day to see good results.

Infection & Allergy

The cause of allergies is actually not as complex as you may thing. We develop allergies when our immune system becomes hyper sensitive and this is caused by environmental factors, food or medicine.

The itching, hives and inflammation are but the body’s response towards the allergens. Kefir helps prevent allergies with its anti-inflammatory effect. The presence of polysaccharide in Kefir makes it effective in suppressing inflammatory symptoms.

Studies done on allergies have reported that consuming Kefir can improve even conditions like asthma by reducing inflammation called by the allergen.


This bone disease causes deterioration of bones simply because of one reason: not getting enough calcium! Consuming the right amount of calcium on a daily basis is crucial to maintain bone health.

As Kefir is made of dairy, it contains a high calcium content and also bioactive compounds that help in the absorption of calcium; preventing bone degeneration.

Also Vitamin K deficiency leads to bone health issues. Kefir comes to the rescue again with its high Vitamin K2 content that promotes bone health, calcium absorption and bone density.

The probiotic content in Kefir also contains magnesium, phosphorous and Vitamin D which are essential nutrients to maintain good bone health and prevent osteoporosis.

Skin Health and treat Acne

When your body’s natural balance is disrupted, it sends signals to your skin causing problems like eczema, acne, rashes and psoriasis.

Kefir helps restore the body back to homeostasis and hence the good bacteria help enhance skin health. Not only does it enhance the quality of skin but also benefits acne, rashes and burns.

The carbohydrate present in Kefir promotes healing of skin and is shown to protect connective tissue.

Heart Health

As mentioned earlier, the good bacteria living in the gut is responsible for the proper functioning and maintenance of a healthy body and it’s processes.

However bad food choices, lack of exercise and an overall poor lifestyle can badly affect the gut bacteria. The same bacteria is also responsible for conditions like metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Consumption of Kefir helps restore the good bacteria in the gut.

Also the Vitamin K2 content in Kefir helps prevents the building up of plaque in your arteries and hence prevents heart disease as well.

Kefir also helps in lowering serum cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure. These amazing benefits of consuming Kefir ensure that the risk of suffering from a stroke or heart attack is significantly lower.

Other researches done on milk kefir has shown that it’s casein content (digestible protein) helps maintain cholesterol levels in the body which in turn prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Lactose Intolerance

The good bacteria in dairy products is great for gut and digestive health but there is a huge percentage of those who cannot digest dairy products without their body having adverse reactions to it.

This is where Kefir comes in! With its ability to break down lactose into lactic acid, Kefir can easily be consumed by those with lactose intolerance.

There has been researches which have proved Kefir’s ability to improve lactose digestion due to nutrients and bacterial strains that help eliminate lactose from diary.

If you suffer from lactose intolerance, start by placing a small drop of this probiotic on the inside of your wrist or arm and let it dry. Wait for at least 24 hours to see if your body reacts with inflammation or not.

If you do, it’s best to avoid kefir. But if not, add a drop to your food/beverage and wait for a reaction. Keep increasing the amount till you’re sure that your body wont react to it.


Kefir is a magical drink that can help your body fight against this serious illness. Research has shown that the compounds found in kefir can literally destroy the cancer cells in the stomach.

Its role as an anti-carcinogenic food makes it slow down the growth of tumors and their conversion from non-carcinogen to carcinogenic.

Also Kefir was shown to reduce breast cancer cells by 56% as compared to yogurt which did the same by 14%.

Best Probiotic than Yogurt

Often Kefir is thought of as yogurt and this misconception is very common. Though these two products have quite in common when it comes to creamy yet tart taste, the fact that can both be made with dairy and non-diary alternatives and that they both contain calcium, potassium, B vitamins, proteins and probiotics.

One significant difference is that kefir has a higher fat, probiotics and protein content than yogurt. Kefir is also thinner than yogurt and is best when served as a drink.

Yogurt and Kefir are also made differently. Yogurt ferments under heat while Kefir starts culturing at room temperature. Kefir’s gastrointestinal health benefits can be attributed to the fact that it has several healthy bacteria and also more nutritional benefits than yogurt.

Kefir, the power packed- superhero beverage is the perfect addition to your diet if you want to lead a healthier lifestyle. With its almost magical health benefits, Kefir can be consumed on a daily basis after getting the thumbs up from your nutritionist or doctor. So drink up and enjoy a healthier life!