How to make kombucha tea?


1. Glass jar
2. Cloth Piece - Breathable cover for the jar
3. Rubber band
4. Plastic Strainer

Equipments Required:

(To Make 1 Litre of Kombucha)
1. 1 Litre Water
2. 3 Tablespoon Tea (Tea Bags or Loose Tea)
3. 4 Tablespoon Sugar
4. Kombucha Scoby
5. Starter Tea liquid

Kombucha Scoby


Step 1

Prepare Tea
i) Boil the water and mix the sugar till it dissolve,
ii) Add the loose tea powder (or tea bag) and boil it for 5 mins. (If you want a lighter
tea, boil for a lesser time)
iii) Filter the tea (or remove the tea bags) and wait till it reaches room temperature

Step 2

Take a Glass jar and pour the prepared tea. Add the Starter Tea & Kombucha Scoby in the jar

Step 3

Cover the jar with a breathable cotton cloth and secure it with a rubber band to prevent the dust and flies. Leave it to ferment for 7-10 days at room temperature.

Step 4

After fermentation is done you will see a new scoby above the old scoby.

Step 5

You can separate the scobies and can make two batches of Kombucha drink. If you don't want, you can give it your friends or relatives. But with many scobies you can experiment with different types of tea to find your best flavour.

Step 6

Take a cup of tea and keep it aside to make the next batch. Because this will be the starter liquid for the next batch. Repeat the process to make the next batch.

Step 7

Kombucha tea is ready to drink now. You can also flavour it as you wish. Kombucha tea can be stored in the refrigerator for upto 20 days.

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