How to Make Coconut Kefir at Home?


Coconut milk kefir is an amazing option if you want to avoid too much dairy. Here are the steps to make coconut milk kefir.


  1. Water kefir grains
  2. Coconut milk or Coconut Water


  1. Place the kefir grains in a container filled with coconut milk.
  2. Use a spoon that is not made up of metal and use it to stir.
  3. Cover the container with a cover like a paper towel, butter muslin, or a coffee filter and secure it with an elastic.
  4. Use room temperature to culture the mixture.
  5. Check the coconut milk from time to time and keep it as it is for about 12 hours, maximum 24 hours.
  6. Remove the grains once the mixture reaches the desired consistency.

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