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What is Kefir?

Kefir is a fermented milk drink that tastes like watery-yogurt. Kefir is made from kefir ‘grain.’  Kefir grains have the naturally occurring yeast/bacteria factor.  It is not actually a grain like rice or millets. The ingredient inherited its name from its structure and appearance. Kefir grains have the coarse granular structure. It resembles tiny cauliflower florets.

Kefir is quite unique. No milk culture can form gains. Kefir grains contain the possibly strongest blend of yeast and bacteria, with milk proteins and complex sugars as well. Kefir is one of the healthy drinks, loaded with vitamins, minerals, and healthy probiotic. You can make kefir from any type of milk – Cow, sheep, goat, soy, rice, or coconut.

Milk Kefir:

Milk kefir grains are a special live culture that comes with a unique combination of the microorganisms. It contains the polysaccharide kefiran along with all bacteria and yeast. This combination of live culture is essential to form the milk kefir grains. It can live forever with proper care.

The kefir grains generally multiply quickly.  These grains grow in the pasteurized milk of a cow. It can ferment any fresh or raw milk, from different sources. Milk kefir grains make a probiotic-rich drink. 

Water Kefir:

These grains contain the symbiotic combination of yeast and bacteria. The term grains in the water kefir grain describe the how the live culture look. Water kefir grains grow in organic sugar and filtered water. It has no dairy.

Water kefir grains contain a large proportion of probiotic than other forms of kefir grains. It has fewer strains of yeast and bacteria than the milk kefir grains. However, water kefir grains have a higher proportion of cultured products which is similar to buttermilk, yogurt, etc. Like other kefir grains, water kefir grains also have infinite lifespan with proper care.

Coconut Kefir:

Coconut kefir is a dairy-free, delicious, refreshing, and nourishing beverage. It is a fermented drink, made with coconut milk and kefir grains. The beverage is rich in antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. It is good for your gut health. It makes the best alternative drink for people with lactose intolerance.

Kefir Benefits:

Packed with Nutrients

Kefir grains are a great source of nutrients. Traditionally, a fermented drink is located with vitamins and minerals. It is low in calories, carbs, and fats. The fat content may vary depends upon the type of milk used for fermentation. Protein, calcium, vitamin B12, magnesium, healthy acids and bio-active compounds are generously in kefir.

Powerful Probiotics

When you think about probiotics, obviously you think of yogurt! Kefir has more powerful probiotics than yogurt.

Probiotics are nothing but the microorganisms. The healthy bacterium is important for the digestive process, management of weight, optimal stomach health, etc. Kefir contains more than 30 microorganisms, which makes a powerful source of probiotics. No other fermented product has the diverse source of microorganisms as much as kefir.

Good for lactose intolerance

Sometimes due to digestive issues, children and even adults may develop lactose intolerance. Dairy products contain a sugar called lactose. When you cannot break down the sugar, i.e digest lactose after drinking milk or any dairy product, it leads to lactose intolerance. Kefir grains are a good source of calcium for those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Treats the digestive problems and develops a healthy gut

When your digestive health is good, you are healthy! If you suffer from any kind of digestive issues, it gradually leads to developing many health ailments. The probiotics in the kefir grains address all the digestive problems. Stomach burns, IBS, acidity, constipation, delayed digestion, acid reflux etc are improved gradually upon regular intake of kefir.

Aids in Detox

DNA altering toxins are just found everywhere. For instance, Alfatoxins, the food-borne toxins are common, say in peanuts, soy, wheat, etc. which causes allergic skin reaction in a few. The lactic acid bacterium destroys the aflatoxins in the body. Add kefir in your diet regularly to get a healthy you.